Manual Holdem Manager

Holdem Manager 2 is the best software to help poker players (both Texas Holdem and Omaha High or Hi-Lo) existing in the market.

It stands out from its competitors for its usability, its analysis power or its ability to integrate extra applications.

HM2 has a collection of more than 1,200 variables that can be found in the HUD as well as in reports or “reports”. Understanding them can be a very complex task, especially for players who do not speak or understand English.

Therefore, this website is a manual of Holdem Manager 2, in the sense that it presents to Hispanic users the translation and explanation of all the mentioned stats.

If you are not clear about any explanation, do not hesitate to ask us, writing a message to infoARROBAmanualholdemmanager2PUNTOcom or leaving your questions in the forum that we have enabled in Poker10 for Holdem Manager 2.

If you still have Holdem Manager 1, you can consult the website.

Canadian Poker Sites

With the growing buzz of the internet and shifting technology trend, many things have come to online mode whether it be business, art, or anything else. With things changing at a much faster pace here are many things that too have come online and one such is poker.

Poker is a family card game which involves strategy, gambling and skills. With every round you need to bid a certain amount of money on the game and if you are lucky enough you will definitely win the round and the game eventually. With growing modernization and technological development, the poker has already been an international gambling sport owing to its popularity the game has now become online where you can gamble with anyone around the world while you just sit comfortably at your home and win big.

Canada is a growing country and with all kinds of development, there are many things that are one of its kind and are available only in Canada which makes the country more amazing and more attractive to the tourist as well as to the citizens too. With the trend continuing there are many online casinos that one could find very easily here in Canada. As a professional or as an excited person one can use online poker sites and win real big deals. This not only shows their growing craze but also the winning zeal of many that many have made thousands by playing just online poker that’s what we all can do if we turn smart, intelligent and practical in the game cause, in the end, it’s just a simple card game.

Online Poker in Canada

With growing craze in Canada many do really well and make a lot of money too and while some amateur does it just for entertainment they too end up doing great sometimes.
With many options available to confuse the beginners here are top 4 online poker sites

  1. POKER888 with the best website for beginners and for anyone who wants to play poker888 has an Overall rating of 8.2 which is highest and this makes poker888 wear the crown of the best online poker rooms in Canada.
  2. Poker stars standing second in the rankings with an overall rating of 7.9 this website has given many players the reason to smile after winning the game. Also, this website has been growing rapidly in the recent past and continues its trend.
  3. Tiger gaming standing third in the rankings is tiger gaming with an overall rating of 7.7 that makes it yet more searched for online poker rooms in Canada many do really well and make the huge and enormous amount of money within no time. This website has done good in past and will Definitely do well in future and will surely make more pokers happy and delighted.
  4. Party pokers with the same overall rating as that of tiger gaming stand third maintaining the competition and giving a lot more satisfaction not only to the winners but also to the losers and just hitting a bit less on the wallet if you play smart.