Yam. Player’s name.

Tourney M. The M number is a concept created by Paul Magriel and applied to the Texas Holdem Poker tournament game. It is calculated by dividing the stack by the sum of blinds and before, which represents the cost in points of a complete round of hands or orbit. The formula is as follows: M = Stack / (before + blinds). Its use is very important in tournaments with before. When the M of a player is equal to or less than 7, it is considered to be in the high blind phase.

Tourney Adj (before adjusted) BB.

Big Blinds. Number of big blinds that a player’s stack has.

Total Hands. Total hands saved on a player in the Holdem Manager 2 database.

Hands since last VPIP. Hands disputed since the last time the player voluntarily put money into the pot.

Hands since last PFR. Hands disputed since the last time the player made a pre-flop raise.

Multitabling Avg. Average number of tables played by a player simultaneously. (This data can only be shown by HM2 if we are using the Table Scanner application).

ScanScore. Rating that Table Scanner gives the player.

Net $ Won. Earned money.

Line Taken. Acronyms of the decisions made by a player in each street along a hand.

Won last 5 min. Money earned during the last 5 minutes.

Won last 10 min. Money earned during the last 10 minutes.

Won last 20 min. Money earned during the last 20 minutes.

Win Rate. Profit ratio measured in large blinds per 100 hands (bb / 100).

Allin Preflop%.
Percentage of hands that the player goes all-in pre-flop.

Won Hand%. Percentage of hands won by the player.