Manual Holdem Manager 2
Holdem Manager 2 is the best software to help poker players (both Texas Holdem and Omaha High or Hi-Lo) existing in the market.

It stands out from its competitors for its usability, its analysis power or its ability to integrate extra applications.

HM2 has a collection of more than 1,200 variables that can be found in both HUD and

in reports or “reports”. Understanding them can be a very complex task, especially for players who do not speak or understand English.

Therefore, this website is a manual of Holdem Manager 2, in the sense that it presents to Hispanic users the translation and explanation of all the mentioned stats.

If you are not clear about any explanation, do not hesitate to ask us, writing a message to infoARROBAmanualholdemmanager2PUNTOcom or leaving your questions in the forum that we have enabled in Poker10 for Holdem Manager 2.

If you still have Holdem Manager 1, you can consult the website.